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Gen 2:24 "For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife: and they shall become one flesh."

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Timeless Memories

 We specialize in capturing those special, memorable moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. We believe a wedding film is best captured in slow motion. This give you an opportunity to really grasp the beauty of this day and slow it down to savor.

Hi I'm Frank Owens

I am the lead Videographer/Photographer of Frank Films & Photography. I love capturing the joy and beauty of the day. With all the trouble going on in the world.




I love to witness people at a joyous time in their lives. Everyone is so happy and in the moment and it shows me how much we are all alike from every race and creed we all are so much more alike than we know. Since I myself am married I understand the emotions of the day and when and how to check in on bride or groom to make sure they are good.


Outstanding Video Quality

We film in Ultra High Def 4K video quality, the highest standard of video quality available today. It offers a resolution four times higher than regular HD video, resulting in rich, clear images that look incredibly detailed and realistic. 4K videos are perfect for capturing special moments and providing a stunning viewing experience for your clients. With Ultra High Def 4K video, you can be sure that your videography work will look its best.

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Cinematic Wedding Films

We are a Huntsville AL based Wedding Videographers specializing in creating beautiful and timeless wedding films. Our wedding films capture the special moments of your wedding day in a cinematic and emotional style. We strive to make sure your wedding film is a reflection of your love story.

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